50p Coin Price Guide

50p Coin Price Guide

How much is my 50p coin worth?

As 50p coin collectors ourselves we know how difficult it is to figure out 50p coin values without a 50p Coin Price Guide.

Typically, a coin is worth face value (50 pence) however a coin collector (formally called a Numistatist) may be willing to pay a premium to own the coin as part of a coin collection (Numismatics).

A lot of coins are listed and sold on eBay, however the asking prices often vary wildly from a few pounds up to a few thousand pounds, even for the same coin.

We decided to build this site as the 50p Coin Collectors Price Guide website for British Coin collectors to establish a 50p Coin Value Index.

We have spent many hours developing a system to query the eBay Servers every 30 minutes to find the latest Completed / Sold items listings for 50 pence coins.

The results are then automatically posted on a page dedicated to each 50 pence in the Royal Mint Great British Coin Hunt series.

This will allow you to have a quick reference guide of 50p coin values any time you find a new one in your pocket change, or if you wish to track the value of your coin collection.

How are 50p Coin Price Guide values calculated?

Our system reads the listing title of each completed eBay sale to try to determine the coin name and year of issue for categorisation.

Titles on eBay are sometimes misleading so please let us know if you see anything we need to correct or delete.

We then record the date and time of the final bid, number of watchers (people who added the listing to their eBay watch list), the number of bids on the listing, the price + shipping to give a total cost to the buyer.

The prices we show at the top of each page are the total value of all sales in our database for each coin * quantity sold, as an average.

Why add shipping cost to the total?

We add the shipping cost to the average price as we have seen many sales where the eBay seller charges more for the shipping than the coin itself!

This is a way to meet their costs even if they set no reserve and the coin sells for only face value.

Always check selling prices before you bid or buy a coin as they can add up.

What is the rarest 50p coin?

We will be adding a reference page for each coin as this will provide details such as total mintage as this will answer another common question, is it a rare coin?

Please see our 50p Mintage Figures chart so that you can quickly see the most valuable and rare 50p coins in circulation.

50p mintage figures

How many different 50p coins are there?

We counted 60 coins! Let us know if you have a different number.


Please assume that we HAVE NOT reviewed any of the eBay listings featured on our site and they may contain inaccurate, false or misleading information about the coin posted by the Seller.

Coins can be mis-described or fake / copy coins on eBay.

We also often see Sellers using Search manipulation techniques like stating “NOT Kew Gardens” in their listing title, just because they know this will drive more views of their coin based on “kew gardens” search results.

Please check the actual eBay Sales page using the link provided to validate any information directly on eBay for yourself.

Simply click on “View on Ebay” and then “see original listing” on the eBay page.

The information and coin prices posted here should not be used as the basis for any financial decision or investment.

Free 50p Price Guide

We hope you gain benefit from using this free 50p price guide, please share our site https://50pence.co.uk on your social media or any coin collector forums you may be in.

We are still building out the page for each 50 pence coin. Please bear with us as this takes quite a bit of time.

In the meantime, Happy Coin Hunting!