Pride 50p

New 50p in June 2022 – this will not enter UK coin circulation.

Pride 50p
Pride 50p

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Jubliee 50p coin

Jubilee 50p
Jubilee 50p

Platinum Jubilee 50p Coin

The Platinum Jubilee 50p coin range release from The Royal Mint celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen in 2022.

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2022 Platinum Jubilee 50p – ENTERING CIRCULATION!

In celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, 1.3 million 2022 Platinum Jubilee 50p coins will be entering circulation on the 7th February via UK Post Offices.

The design features the number 70 on the tails side of the coin and is the first 50p to enter circulation in commemoration of a royal event. The first of up to 5 million (5,000,070) coins will be released via post offices around the UK on 7 February and will be available to customers making transactions at the Post Office. They cannot be swapped for other coins!

What are the top 10 rare 50p coins in circulation?

Rare 50p Coins
Rare 50p Coins

The top ten rarest fifty pence coins in circulation are:

  1. Kew Gardens
  2. Triathlon
  3. Wrestling
  4. Judo
  5. Football
  6. Tennis
  7. Goalball
  8. Hockey
  9. Rowing
  10. Table Tennis

The Kew Gardens 50p sells for hundreds of pounds!

Rare 50p Coin Values

Our site lists all 50 pence coins in UK coin circulation and their 50p coin values.

We also feature coins not intended for circulation, released as collectible UK coins.

What is the rarest 50p in circulation?

The rarest 50p coin in general circulation is the 2009 issued Kew Gardens 50p with a very low mintage figure of only 210,000 coins.

What fifty pence pieces are worth money?

Check our list of all 50p coins to see mintage figures and average selling prices in 2021.

Which 50p coins are rare?

Our 50p coin list provides mintage figures for all 50p coins in circulation that you can sort by rarity.

How many Beatrix Potter 50p coins are there?

The Beatrix Potter 50p coins were first released in 2016 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter.

How many London 2012 Olympic 50p coins are there?

The Royal Mint issued 29 different Olympic 50p coins to commemorate the Olympic Games held in London in 2012.

The Brilliant Uncirculated edition of these coins was originally sold individually by The Royal Mint for £2.99 +P&P

  • Manufactured to a higher standard on a slower press
  • Packed carefully into a protective capsule
  • Presented on a colourful London 2012 design card
  • Placed into a polybag for extra protection
  • Features official London 2012 logo

Known as the 50p Sports Collection, if you bought all 29 coins in the set they offered a FREE Coin Album to hold all coins plus the Completer Medal.

Which are the Rare Olympic Coins?

Aquatics 50p Lines Across Face

The Aquatics 50p first edition with lines across the face of the swimmer is a rare coin.

Aquatics 50p rare coin
Aquatics 50p rare coin

Only 600 of the Aquatics 50 pence coins were issued with the water covering the face of the swimmer before the design was changed to show no water lines across the face.

A 1st Edition Aquatics coin in the original BU coin pack sold on the 3rd February 2019 for £957.50, according to eBay Sold listings.

The 2nd edition Aquatics 50 pence is NOT a rare coin.

Beware! due to the high value and demand for this coin, there are copies / fake coins in circulation and on eBay.

Do your research before you buy one.

Blue Peter 50p

The Blue Peter 50p Winner’s Edition is a rare coin.

Blue Peter 50p Winner's Edition rare coin

In 2009, the BBC Children’s TV program Blue Peter held a competition for its viewers to send in their design for an Olympic 50 pence.

The winner was Florence Jackson’s drawing of a high jumper. Nine-year-old Florence, from Bristol, was the first child ever to work with the Royal Mint to design a UK coin.

Blue Peter 50p
Blue Peter 50p

A limited-edition of these Blue Peter 50p Winner’s Edition coins were minted in 2009 and it’s these ones that are rare.

It is thought that only 100,000 of the commemorative coins with a 2009 stamp were minted.

The 2011 variant of the Athletics 50p is NOT a rare coin.

Second, on the rare Olympic 50p coin list is the Football 50p, also referred to as the Offside Rule coin.

This is the lowest mintage coin of the 2011 issues, closely followed by Wrestling, Judo, and Triathlon.

All are sought-after by British Coin collectors and UK Numismatists.

NIFC Coins

Some fifty pence coins are formally known as NIFC (Not Intended For Circulation) which means the Royal Mint has released them as collectible coins only and not put them into general circulation. You will not find these coins in your pocket change.

Some of these coins are still available to purchase directly from the Royal Mint in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Don’t pay more for a circulated coin on eBay when you can get it directly from the mint!

All prices are average selling prices seen in our research of UK coin values.