Archery 50p


London 2012 50p Sports Collection – Archery 50p

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Archery 50p
Archery 50p

London 2012 50p Sports Collection – Archery

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The Archery 50p coin, designed by Piotr Powaga, comes in a fun and vibrant pack, making the London 2012 Sports Collection a special set of coins for all the family.

Is the Archery 50p rare?

The Archery 50p has an official circulating mintage from the Royal Mint in the UK of 3.3 million coins (3,345,500 to be exact) making it less common to find in your change. As most coins end up in private coin collections of fifty pence collectors, the circulating number will continue to decrease making this one harder to find.

Who is the designer of the 2011 Archery coin?

Piotr Powaga, the designer of the Archery 50p coin, is a crop advisor (agronomist) who lives in Yorkshire with his wife and two children.

In his spare time, he is a keen calligrapher and enjoys creating new letterforms and logos.

In his design, Piotr wanted to show that although Archery is a relatively static sport, there is a great deal of energy generated in the build-up to release.

His wife modelled the action of pulling a bow so that Piotr could capture the dynamic moment before the fingers are released.

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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 27.3 mm