Brexit 50p


£5 for a carded BUNC coin

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How much is the Brexit 50p coin worth?

The Brexit 50p is worth face value of fifty pence. Some 50p coin collectors may be willing to pay more on eBay UK for a coin in good condition.

How many Brexit 50p coins are in circulation?

The Brexit 50p had an initial release of 2.5 millions into general circulation. It's reported that a total of 10 million Brexit 50p coins will enter general circulation before the end of 2021.

How rare is the Brexit 50p?

With up to 10 million Brexit 50p coins entering UK coin circulation, it's a common coin to find in your change.

How many coins in a Brexit 50p sealed bag?

Sealed bags of Brexit 50p coins from the Post Office contain 20 individual fifty pence coins and have been seen to sell for around £17 on eBay UK.

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