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How much is the Olympic weightlifting 50p worth?

The Olympic weightlifting 50p is worth £1.50 to a UK coin collector for a coin in great condition. Average circulated coins are worth fifty pence.

How many Olympic weightlifting 50p coins are there?

1,879,500 Olympic weightlifting 50p coins were put in UK coin circulation making this coin less common.

Which Olympic 50p is the rarest?

The five rarest Olympic 50p coins are: 1. Aquatics 50p (first edition) 600 coins 2. Blue Peter Olympic 50p 3. Judo 50p 4. Triathlon 50p 5. Wrestling 50p

The London 2012 50p Weightlifting coin

The Weightlifting 50p coin, designed by Rob Shakespeare, comes in a fun and vibrant pack, making the London 2012 Sports Collection a special set of coins.

The designer of the Weightlifting coin

Rob Shakespeare, a police officer from Manchester, designed the weightlifting coin. As a past bodybuilder and wrestler, Rob is intrinsically linked to the sport and wanted to create a coin that simply expressed the power and movement that is required.

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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 27.3 mm