Badminton 50p


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What’s the Badminton 50p coin worth?

The Badminton 50p coin is worth £1.50 for a circulated coin in great condition.

Expect to pay around £5 for a carded BUNC coin in it’s original packing.

Is it a rare 50p coin?

With just over 2 million coins put into UK coin circulation it’s a more common coin to find in your change.

Who designed the Badminton Olympic coin?

Emma Kelly, an illustrator from London, designed the badminton coin.

When she entered the competition, Emma had been working on drawing structures, which is reflected in her design.

She wanted to create a symbolic and easily recognisable design for badminton and enjoys identifying details when she draws.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 27.3 mm