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Great British Coin Hunt Albums

British Coin collectors can now get an easy solution to the usual issue of, where do you keep or display all your hard-found 50 pence coins?

The Royal Mint has released a range of Coin Albums Great British Coin Hunt 50p Album.

Starter Coin Collector Album

Great British Coin Hunt Collector Album

coin album starter pack

8 empty spaces to be filled with 50p coins of your choice


The Coin Hunt Albums are split into 2 volumes for the 50 pence, with 8 coin holders per volume, with a description of each coin.

Volume 1

The Great British Coin Hunt 50p Album Volume 1

Coin Hunt Album Volume 1


Volume 1 has coin place holders for:

  1. Britannia 50p – 2008 is the rare coin
  2. NHS 50p – 1998, 50th Anniversary
  3. EEC 50p – 1998, UK Entry to European Economic Community
  4. Public Libraries 50p – 2000, 150th Anniversary of the Public Libraries Act
  5. Suffragettes 50p – 2003, 100th Anniversary of WSPU
  6. Four-Minute Mile 50p – 2004, First 4-minute mile run by Sir Roger Bannister in 1954
  7. Johnson’s Dictionary 50p – 2005, Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language
  8. Victoria Cross 50p (1) – 2006, first of a 2 coin set, also known as the “Wounded Soldier 50p

Volume 2

The Great British Coin Hunt 50p Album Volume 2

The Great British Coin Hunt 50p Album Volume 2


Volume 2 has coin place holders for:

  1. Victoria Cross 50p (2) – 2006, second of the 2 coin set, also known as the “VC 50p
  2. Scouting Movement 50p – 2007, celebrating 100 years of the Scouts
  3. Royal Shield 50p – 2008, 2012 to present day.
  4. Kew Gardens 50p – 2009, the rarest and most coveted 50 pence for British coin collectors. 250th Anniversary of The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew
  5. Girlguiding 50p – 2010, celebrating 100 years of the Girl Guides
  6. WWF 50p – 2011, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund
  7. Benjamin Britten 50p – 2013, marking the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the iconic British composer.
  8. Christopher Ironside 50p – 2013, marking the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Christopher Ironside

The Royal Mint also has Coin Albums for sale for £2 coins, 10p coins, Beatrix Potter 50p and Paddington Bear 50p.