Strike Your Own Sherlock Holmes 50p

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Strike Your Own Sherlock Holmes 50p coin

strike your own sherlock holmes 50p
Strike Your Own Sherlock Holmes 50p

The Sherlock Holmes 50p was available to Strike Your Own coin between 28/06/2019 and 23/09/2019 at The Royal Mint Experience in Wales.

Striking Your Own Coin is available to all tour guests and was available be purchased at check-in for £6.90

Nicola Howell, Director of the Consumer Business at The Royal Mint said,

The opportunity to strike your own coin at The Royal Mint Experience has always been very popular with collectors and with Sherlock Holmes being one of the world’s most famous fictional characters we know that the opportunity to strike your own Sherlock Holmes 50p coin will be equally as appealing.

Members of the public will be able to strike their 2019 dated Sherlock Holmes Brilliant Uncirculated 50p coin for an additional charge of £6.90 after booking a Royal Mint Experience tour.

Customers were limited to one tour a day and are only allowed to strike one coin during their visit. 


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