WWF 50p

What’s the WWF 50p worth?

Based on our research, the 2011 WWF 50p coin value to a coin collector is:

Coin VariantCollector Value
Circulated : Mintage: 3,400,000 Scarcity = Less Common£0.50
Brilliant Uncirculated (Royal Mint Pack) : Mintage: 11,983£4.00

55,316 BU coins were sold in other packaging making a mintage figure total of 67,299 Brilliant Uncirculated Coins. We have the one with the Panda card, it’s a “must have” for a British Coin collector!

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50p Coins Uk Rare Fifty Pences Circulated Beatrix Potter Olympics Wwf Nhs

50p Coins UK Rare Fifty Pences Circulated Beatrix Potter Olympics WWF NHS

Watchers: 119

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Total: £4.99

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Rare 50p Coins Olympic Beatrix Potter Kew Isle Of Man Wwf Snowman Fifty Pence

Rare 50p Coins Olympic Beatrix Potter Kew Isle of Man WWF Snowman Fifty Pence

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All about the 2011 WWF 50p

The World Wildlife Fund 50p (known as the WWF 50p) was released to celebrate 50 years of the work of the World Wildlife Fund in 2011.

A real favourite amongst UK coin collectors, the Panda WWF logo in the centre of the design by Matthew Dent, shows a lot of other animals and plants around.

The Obverse is the Queen Elizabeth II portrait designed by Ian Rank-Broadley.

The World Wildlife Fund does valuable work on their mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. More recently their focus is on removing plastic from our oceans.

This page delves into the unique and collectible 2011 WWF 50p coin, issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund.

It explores the coin’s design, which features 50 individual icons representing the diverse work of WWF, its significance in promoting wildlife conservation, and its value to collectors.

Additionally, the page provides insights into the history of the WWF, the impact of this special edition coin on raising awareness for environmental and conservation issues, and tips for collectors interested in acquiring this memorable piece of British coinage.

Is it a rare coin?

With only 3.4 million coins put into circulation and the coin is over 10 years since release, the likelihood of finding this coin in your change is less likely. The 2009 Kew Gardens 50p remains that rarest fifty pence coin in circulation. You can check the Royal Mint website for all 50p coin mintage figures.

The World Wildlife Coin Design

The design of the 2011 WWF 50p coin is both intricate and symbolic, reflecting the World Wildlife Fund’s commitment to nature conservation.

The coin features 50 individual icons, each representing a different aspect of the WWF’s work. These icons are artfully arranged to form a circular pattern, symbolizing the global scope of the WWF’s efforts.

The design of the 2011 WWF 50p coin not only makes it a visually appealing piece but also serves as a powerful educational tool, highlighting the importance of conservation and the wide range of life that the WWF strives to protect.

Its intricate artwork and symbolic representation of wildlife conservation efforts have made it a popular item among coin collectors and conservation enthusiasts alike.

The Panda Logo

WWF 50p
WWF 50p

At the center of the design is the famous WWF panda logo, instantly recognizable and serving as a focal point that ties the design elements together. Surrounding the panda are various images of animals, plants, and environmental symbols. This includes representations of endangered species, marine life, and flora, all of which are central to the WWF’s mission of preserving the natural world.

More Design Details

The design is not only a celebration of the WWF’s 50th anniversary but also a reminder of the diversity of life that the organization strives to protect. The coin’s intricate detailing and meaningful imagery make it a sought-after item for collectors.

  1. 50 Individual Icons: The coin features 50 unique icons, each representing a different aspect of the WWF’s conservation work. This includes a variety of animals and plants, emphasizing the organization’s focus on biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.
  2. Circular Arrangement: These icons are arranged in a circular pattern, symbolizing the global reach and impact of the WWF. This layout also reflects the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of a balanced ecosystem.
  3. Central WWF Logo: At the heart of the design is the well-known WWF panda logo. This serves as a focal point, drawing attention to the organization’s brand and its mission to combat environmental degradation and promote sustainable living.
  4. Commemorative Text: Around the edge of the coin, there is text that reads “WWF” and the years “1961-2011,” marking the 50th anniversary of the organization. This text not only commemorates the milestone but also educates the public about the longstanding efforts of the WWF.

Obverse and Edge Design

The coin’s edge is smooth, which is a standard feature for UK 50p coins.

The obverse side of the coin, like all UK legal tender, features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, which was the standard at the time of minting.

See also All 50p Coins for more British coins to add to your coin collection, including our list of rare fifty pence coins.

What is the Wildlife Conservation In the UK?

he UK’s primary wildlife conservation mechanism is the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981.

This act protects most of the UK’s wildlife, including wild birds, plants, and other animals.

The act offers different levels of protection depending on the species’ plight. For example, Schedule 5 prohibits the killing, harming, or taking of wild mammals.

Other UK wildlife legislation includes:

  • The Wild Mammals (Protection) Act of 1996: Protects all wild mammals from deliberate cruelty
  • The Habitats Regulations: Protects important habitats and species from development, unsustainable land management, and other harmful activities
  • Special Protection Areas (SPAs): Strictly protected sites for rare and vulnerable birds and migratory species

See Conservation in UK and Europe and The Wildlife Trusts to learn more.

The Royal Mint released a special 50p coin in 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

This unique coin features 50 icons representing WWF’s conservation efforts, including the iconic panda logo, a dolphin, gorilla, rhino, polar bear, and butterfly, among others. Designed by Matthew Dent, the coin symbolizes a broad spectrum of environmental and conservation work.

The coin aims to highlight both WWF’s historical legacy and current challenges in environmental and conservation issues. For more detailed information, please visit the Royal Mint’s website here.

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