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The London 2012 50p Wheelchair Rugby coin


The Wheelchair Rugby 50p Pack commemorates the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – collect all 29 coins and have fun filling up your Collector Album!

Wheelchair Rugby 50p coin design

The Wheelchair Rugby 50p coin, designed by Natasha Ratcliffe, comes in a fun and vibrant pack, making the London 2012 Sports Collection.

In January 2009 the Royal Mint launched its biggest ever competition, inviting the British public to design a series of new 50p coins. Thousands of excellent designs were received from all over the UK, featuring all 29 sports of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The best designs were selected and now they’ve been made into coins for you to collect as lasting mementoes of London 2012.

The designer of the Wheelchair Rugby coin

Natasha Ratcliffe
Natasha Ratcliffe from Cornwall with her 50p coin for wheelchair rugby and handball

Natasha Ratcliffe is a self-employed sculptor and part-time chef from Cornwall and is responsible for creating both the wheelchair rugby and handball coins. Natasha has a degree in art which she received from the University of Falmouth and specialises in creating coins and medals. She has had international exhibitions and has some selected pieces on display in the British Museum collection.

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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 27.3 mm